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A Golden Age

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A Golden Age

While the 1950’s for United States was a time when Americans were struggling against communism and worrying about a nuclear attack, this anxiety fell short of the fantastic breakthroughs in science and technology and the booming economic growth American experienced in this time. This time period was more of a golden age than an age of anxiety.

Even before the Cold War, there were tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. And when the Soviet’s tested an atomic bomb in 1949, it was heard around the world. When Joe McCarthy, a senator from Wisconsin, fearlessly assaulted government establishments of possibly advocating communist notions, this created considerable anxiety among Americans. But this anxiety that was felt about communism and the fears that citizens had of a nuclear attack happening at any moment encouraged Americans to feel better of their own society.

In the 1950’s, American society experienced astounding economic growth which made the growth in the 1920’s pale in comparison. Also, new technologies and breakthrough medical treatments were invented that revolutionized how people lived and saved many lives. In 1957, there were millions of television sets in use. In 1954, Jonas Salk introduced an effective vaccine for the polio virus, a disease that affected many, like former president Franklin Roosevelt. And this “golden age” had it’s important defining music that reflected the times; the 1920’s had jazz, the 50’s had rock вЂ?n’ roll.

The 1950’s era was shaped by the booming economic growth and the anxiety over the Cold War. For most Americans though, this was a time of prosperity. In this seemingly peaceful and calming time, families had children at a fast rate, later calling these persons “baby boomers.” However, there was still poverty and anxiety, but these pulsing anxieties were kept down by the nation’s culture. The 1950’s society created a broad sense of stability for itself, and combined with the economic growth and technological breakthroughs, created a golden age for most of American society.



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